A holiday on the family-friendly Hacklbauer farm in Altenmarkt im Pongau


History of the Hacklbauer ancestral farm

The farm has been owned by the Walchfofer Family since 1721 and was officially awarded the title Ancestral Farm on the 24th of October 1979. In 1998 we took over the farm from our parents and undertook extensive renovation work in 2004. A new roof was constructed, all balconies renewed and a new environmentally-friendly wood chipping heating system was installed. A year later work on the interior using mainly local wood was done. On the 26th of December 2005 we welcomed our first guests and since then we are pleased to welcome an ever increasing number of regular guests.


Hacklbauer   Ferienwohnung



Grassland and dairy farming

The Hacklbauer is a grassland farm with dairy cattle. At the moment we have 16 cows, 6 female calves and 6 male calves on the farm. In summer the calves are up on the mountain pastures in Zauchensee. The dairy cows graze in the meadows at home. Their milk is used for tasty produce with the "Salzburger Land" label. Here on our farm you can experience genuine, natural life on the farm. Depending on the weather harvesting begins in May. The hay is fed to our animals in winter. The manure and slurry is spread over the fields in spring to ensure good growth.


Milchviehhaltung   Heuernte



Our own natural drinking water spring 

Water is life, water is energy. Water is our most precious asset.  

For this very reason we have improved our own water supply. The natural, fresh water comes from our own spring and is of the highest drinking water quality.


Milchviehhaltung   Milchviehhaltung



Rabbits, cats, hens and ducks

Kids just love the rabbits, cats and ponies running around our farm. In the hen house there's lots of feathered friends too. The hens provide us with fresh eggs and the ducks help us chase the snails away. We seek to live with in harmony with, to cherish and preserve nature for our descendants. In this way we can offer our guests a healthy, well-cared for, natural surroundings for their holiday.


Hasen   Hühner und Enten



Large fruit orchard and farm garden

Apples, pears, plums and damsons grow in our fruit orchard. In the autumn we use the juicy fruit for making juice, fruit compotes, jams and schnaps. The large farm garden provides us in summer and autumn with a variety of vegetables, fresh herbs and salads. Lots of colourful flowers decorate our farm garden in spring, summer and autum.

4 Blumen - Erbhof - Urlaub am Bauernhof Urlaub am Bauernhof

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