Rainy day


Right at the start of your holiday we'll show you around the farm, so that you know where everything is whilst on holiday. We have cats and rabbits for children to pet.


Kühe im Stall   Junge Kätzchen


Rainy day activities

Our countryside wouldn't be so lovely and green if it didn't rain now and again.

When dark rain clouds appear - don't get fed up - there's plenty to do...


Enjoy a lie in, drink a coffee later, take an afternoon nap, lounge aroud
or play game of cards.
Laze around until evening, pour a glass of cider,
until you're tired from your relaxing day and wish to go to bed.
If you're really sporty begin the day with a run in the rain.
After a hearty breakfast grab your swimming things, tennis racket or any other equipment

burn off some energy in the sports hall or in the swimming pool.
Many guests are interested in what there is to see and do in Werfen or on the Dachstein or the Tauern.
The city of Salzburg and the Salzkammergut are popular places to visit, as they offer someting for everyone.
Galleries, museums and all sorts of buidlings, boat trips, swimming pool, spas and caves - there's
loads to see and do. Some visit Altenmarkt, to go shopping, to wander around, you'll also find somewhere nice to stop for something to eat and drink.


There's also plenty to do on the farm.
Paint, handicrafts, reading, preparing food, use your imagination, you won't get bored.
There are animals in the stables and hay in the barn, to play with and explore - every day afresh.

We hope there's something for you too - otherwise the sun is bound to shine again soon.

Basteln   Therme Amadé


On rainy days you can put your creative skills to the test in our farm workshop. We'll find a suitable activity for everyone.

4 Blumen - Erbhof - Urlaub am Bauernhof Urlaub am Bauernhof

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There's always lots happening on our farm.Come and see for yourself.
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